No one is watching stadium

Guess what? No one's watching.

We can share the numerous ways in which we have acquired video views (and of course we will), but let us start off with stating that a large number of views isn't always a great metric for success. You could have thousands of viewers, but if those views don't convert to real sales dollars, they serve for nothing more than an ego boost. With that said, check out the ways below and really evaluate whether or not these methods will get the right viewers and can translate to sales.
Greensboro Video

Master of Counseling Cinematography

As many of you (may not) know, I have not always been a videographer- in fact, I resisted it heavily as my husband needed more and more help with his own videography business. As many small business owners and family members of small business owners understand, it takes as much support as can be given to make a small business into a success.
Raleigh Video Production

Preiss Block Party 2016 | Highlight Reel

The Preiss Company is an off-campus student housing investment and management company, with campuses all over Raleigh, NC, and founded in 1987. Our Raleigh video production team was certainly excited about the opportunity to connect with Preiss and cover their community event.

Piedmont Place Apartments Promo

When we were approached by Piedmont Place Apartments to create their promo video for their newest property, we were super excited. The best part about this project was our ability to handle everything from script to delivery. We put together this lovely script that details the entire property inside and out, then capture some stunning visuals of the property, apartments, and amenities.
Photographer Promo

Images by Autumn Photographer Promo

This is a photographer promo video that we scripted, filmed, and edited to promote local photographer, Autumn. The uniqueness of this video is the juxtaposition of how Autumn's love of photography and crossfit mesh so well. The same amount of focus and determination required for crossfit is necessary when working with clients to produce great photos. We managed to find this fantastic quote by Marie Curie that fit perfectly with our vision for Autumn's promo.
Restonic Motion Graphics

Restonic Motion Graphics

We were tasked with creating this motivating and informative Motion Graphics Video for Restonic Mattress. The difficulty in working on a video where all content is created via graphics and animation is in ensuring that the video stays entertaining, but also relevant.
Revelations Product Video

Revelations Product Video

We had an awesome time creating this product video to debut the release of Uttermost's newest line of furniture and accessories. Revelations is truly an incredible line featuring painstaking details and exquisite quality. In fact, we fell in love with the furniture line so much, that we were begging to take home a piece for our house.
PBM Promo Video

PBM Promotional Video

One of our clients tasked us with creating a brief, catchy promotional video to highlight the importance of utilizing video production. They gathered up some great quotes and facts regarding the video production industry and the wonderful growth we have seen over the past few years.