Revelations Product Video

The Video

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We had an awesome time creating this product video to debut the release of Uttermost’s newest line of furniture and accessories. Revelations is truly an incredible line featuring painstaking details and exquisite quality. In fact, we fell in love with the furniture line so much, that we were begging to take home a piece for our house.

This project hosted many obstacles for us to overcome, but we believe in the end, the final video turned out wonderful. One of the first challenges on most shoots is lighting and location. We were limited to one location inside Market Square in High Point, NC. Of course, this location is amazing due to the rustic old factory building with exposed brick, natural hardwood floors, and floor to ceiling windows. We carefully choose several locations to stage the products that would be dynamic and allow us to work with the lighting from the large windows. Once production was complete we put in high quality graphical elements to further enhance the audio and video.

Also, as you can tell by the photos we had a lot of fun on set with Rosco, Mac Cooper’s cool basset hound. The other pic shows over the shoulder of our DP, Jeff Brewer working with a Ultra HD 4K recorder and motion capture system for buttery smooth, high detailed shots.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.