A Life Lesson

Master of Counseling Cinematography…

As many of you (may not) know, I have not always been a videographer- in fact, I resisted it heavily as my husband needed more and more help with his own videography business. As many small business owners and family members of small business owners understand, it takes as much support as can be given to make a small business into a success. Every dollar spent on someone else is a dollar directly out of the future of the business (or so it feels at times). So there I was, working on my Master’s degree in Psychology Counseling at the Number 2 rated school for counseling in the nation, helping out my husband with wedding videography on the weekends to increase our profit margins.

I remember the first wedding I helped Jeff with- it was just after the ceremony and he was rushing to get post-ceremony shots of the bride and groom. Looking in a hurry, he asked me to break-down all the ceremony equipment and haul it to the reception space for him to get detail shots of the reception. I confidently said “I can do this”, but 20 minutes later I was still trying to figure out how to break down a simple tripod. Jeff came back to my rescue not angry, but with a smile on his face. It was this moment that I knew I would always enjoy spending life (working or otherwise) together.

But here I was- working on my Master’s degree in Counseling. Now, in case you are wondering, this counseling program was (and still is) the hardest thing I have ever accomplished in my life. And, as the general rule goes, the more you’ve invested in something (time, energy, effort), the harder it is to let it go. So, I stayed with it and graduated with top honors- working in part-time jobs and still helping Jeff while I gave birth and raised our son.

Since marrying Jeff five years ago, we have had (what feels like) a lifetime of moments together. And the culmination of these moments, walking through Home Depot in the middle of the day, taking last minute trips, seeing our son do all of his “firsts”- these moments would not have been possible if Jeff hadn’t so desperately needed my help back when he was first starting his business.

2016 will make the first year that Jeff and I are working, in the same field, at home together full time and I couldn’t be happier. I’m handling all aspects related to client acquisition, retention and sales (for both wedding and corporate), dabbling in editing, and of course, filming weddings. Our life is not conventional, and not many folks would leave what could have been a successful counseling career, but this is our path. It’s not the path I had carefully planned for myself, but it is better than I could have ever imagined. So, here I am, presenting myself to you all as Amanda Brewer, Master of Counseling Cinematography- transitioning to Greensboro Video Production for handling all of your video needs, and occasional mental-health venting session, if needed.